fiber optic systems

fiber_optic_systemsMost fiber optic systems have been installed because the organisation uses huge amounts of data.  Typical users of fiber optic systems are marketing agencies, architects, science labs, etc.

Other fiber optic systems are used by those who require high security with minimal risk of their communications being snooped on through radiation….typically the police and armed services (GCHQ is typical)
fiber_optic_systems_-_constructionWhy do they use fiber optic systems?  Well fiber optic systems pass digital information across vast distances more quickly than copper can without the same degradation of signal.  OK they both do it at the speed of light, but when traffic increases fiber optic systems keep going faster than CAT5 or CAT6 due to their physical limitations.  fiber optic systems.pdf

Mostly fiber optic systems link or extend structured cabling systems over larger business premises.  PTT’s utilise fiber optic systems as their backbones between local nodes where microwave links are over-kill. 

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