fiber optical network

fiber_opticical_networkA fiber optical network could be required where you own commercially sensitive data that you want to protect.  A fiber optical network prevents snooping on radiated signals from copper cables (CAT5 / CAT6) Where Category 5/6 can only operate with Megabit speed up to 100/110m a fiber optical network can do it over greater distances and with Gigabit speeds.

Choosing a short list of providers for your fiber optical network can take some time depending on the configuration and complexity of your Local or Wide Area network.  Ask the contenders for installing your fiber optical network to provide examples of the networks they have done, together with the contact details of the IT managers on reference sites.  Get in touch with them. Discover if they are completely satisfied with each aspect of the fiber optical network.  If not, find out why so you can avoid the same problems.  fiber opticical network.pdf

For more information on fiber optical network components and installers plus telecoms implementation feel free to chat to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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