fibre cables

fibre_cablesA fibre cables network is a costly investment.  You’ll need to think carefully about all the parts of the WAN: should it all be configured with fibre cables, or can the bulk of it be in CAT6 or the older CAT5e?  fibre_cables.pdf

The benefits of a fibre cables is in speed and security.  Delivering Gigabit speeds the fibre cables transmit your data more quickly and there is less chance that commercially sensitive information can be stolen through external monitoring of the radiation from any copper conductors.

Inevitably where your LAN extends beyond the limits of Category6 then links using fibre cables are a necessity.  When you are designing the your IT infrastructure you will have to be aware of traffic volume and then factor them up to match the business’s growth strategy while taking into account technological advances.  Just remember the way that communications have changed from 2000 to 2010!

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