fibre optic cable network

fibre_optic_cable_networkA fibre optic cable network is a serious investment.  You’ll need to think carefully whether the complete network should be configured with fibre optic cable, or if the bulk of it can be in CAT6 or the older CAT5e.  fibre_optic_cable_network.pdf

The benefits of a fibre optic cable network are speed and security.  Gigabit speeds delivers your data more quickly to you and there is less chance that sensitive information can be stolen through listening in devices as is possible by the radiation from copper conductors.

Inevitably where your network extends beyond the limits of Category6 then fibre optic cable links are a necessity.  When you are designing your network’s infrastructure you’ll have to be aware of traffic volumes and then scale them up to match the business’s aspirations while taking into account technology advances.  Just consider how communications have changed between 2000 and 2010!

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