fibre optic cable

Today fibre optic cable delivers Giga-bit speeds.  This is far faster than CAT6 or the older  CAT5e can do.  fibre_optic_cable.pdf

fibre_optic_cableSome fibre optic cable is designed for office use while the vast majority is for public network backbones.  These fibre optic cables have perhaps a hundred multi-mode filaments individually sheathed inside an outer steel armoured sheath and then a PVC covering. Each carries laser signals modulated by sophisticated fibre optic modems digitising data into transmission packets to further compress what’s to be transmitted and received.

You really need to be a research establishment with GooglePlex disk drives to be needing the throughput of fibre optic cable and its additional capital investment.

So think carefully before making any commitment to fibre optic cable in place of plain old copper networking cable when designing your infrastructure.  Think of the volume of traffic flowing through each element of the LAN or WAN, then multiply that up by at least a hundredfold – that’s the scale of capacity you’ll require within a very short space of time.  Just remember the technological advances between 2000 and 2010!

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