fibre optic installation

fibre_optic_installationYou will require a fibre optic installation if your structured cabling system has outlets more than 100 metres from your comms room.  You’ll have to install a fibre optic link from one switch to another to extend the network to maintain signal strengths.

The fibre optic installation components are: fibre optic patch panels, fibre optic patch-leads, fibre optic ports on your Layer 3 switches.

Fibre optic installation is more specialised than copper CAT5e or CAT6 installations.  The number of technicians that are competent to perform the fibre optic installation is much smaller than for general CAT-cable installation.  fibre optic installation.pdf

fibre_optic_installation_XTelephoneSystemsDirect recommends that you choose your fibre optic installation carefully.  Check out the credentials of firms offering fibre optic installation and ask to see the individual’s certificate prior to the event.

Need more information on fibre optic installation?  The ring us up on 0800 652 8052 and chat to us.  We’ll tell you frankly whether fibre optic installation is necessary in your scenario.

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