fibre optic patch leads

fibre_optic_patch_leadsBe careful when ordering fibre optic patch leads. 
PLEASE make sure you order the right type of fibre optic patch leads.

These fibre optic patch leads have different terminations:  ST – SC – LT – MTRJ………..  

fibre optic patch leads.pdf

Normally when your fibre optic cabling was initially supplied you would have received test certification which detailed the format of the cable and the connectors.  Check it out before making a mistake and causing delays in returning purchases.

Fibre optic patch leads are very similar to CAT5 patch leads in that they connect fixed elements of the building’s infrastructure to active parts such as fibre optic modems or IP phone systems that link to others at GigaBit speeds.

fibre_optic_patch_leads_2There are loads of patch leads suppliers accessible through the Internet.  Obviously by reading this article you’ve so far failed to locate the fibre optic patch leads you’re searching for.  Save yourself time & effort and ring TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.  We’ll be able to offer you pertinent advice.

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