fibre patch leads

fibre_patch_leadsPatch Leads link telephone systems and computer hubs, switch and routers to users through a structured cabling system.

Fibre patch leads give flexibility in larger installations for linking different elements of a fibre networks or help with resilience when things go wrong and someone damages a single optical fibre.  fibre patch leads.pdf

Fibre patch leads join up the optic ports of the latest switches to fibre patch panels delivering Gigabit data speeds.

You can get fibre patch leads in nearly whatever colour you desire.  They also have many forms of connectors such as ST, SC, LT, MTRJ… make sure when ordering that you are specific.

fibre_patch_leads_2Some of the fibre patch leads look similar to RJ45 patch leads – however, you’ll have to allow for greater bend radii as these fibre patch leads aren’t quite as flexible as their copper equivalents.

Need to know more about fibre patch leads?  Call the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.  We’ll speak to you frankly about fibre patch leads or anything else to do with telecoms.

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