free internet phone call

For a free internet phone call you firstly need an internet connection.  Then you’ll require an IP phone or headset plus either a pc-based application or a VoIP enabled phone system.  free_internet_phone_call.pdf

Here at TelephoneSystemsDirect we specialise in helping you make your free internet phone call.  With our OfficeServ7000 series of voice-over-IP-enabled voice servers, all your staff (or at least those you wish to) can have free internet phone call sessions with other sites within your organisation saving you hundreds (or thousands) of pounds in normal phone call charges through the public network.

free_internet_phone_callYou can achieve each free internet phone call whether you’re a national or international business, or simply a small office with home-workers with internet connected extension phones – yes – they can work at home and yet appear to be at their desk!

By calling Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 our advisors will be able to inform you about broadband tariffs, internet phone models, OfficeServ solutions and much more.

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