free ip phone

To get your free ip phone from TelephoneSystemsDirect you only have to buy five because the fifth one is a free ip phone – that’s because we allow you 25% discount off Samsung’s recommended retail price.  How good is that?  Certainly makes your hard earned cash go a lot further.  free_ip_phone.pdf

free_ip_phoneWith OfficeServ7000 systems your free ip phone will provide you many benefits including being able to work at home (OK so you’ll need the boss’s permission) via the internet.  Simply plug your free ip phone into your Broadband router, follow a few simple instructions, and you’ll be connected (Oh, you’ll require a fixed IP address!)

So working in your house is a possibility making use of free ip phone calls into the office or to your clients through the office’s lines.  Alternatively all your business premises can be linked in a network utilising free ip phone connections (Voice-over-IP) between your OfficeServ phone servers.

Contact Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 to learn more from our advisors about free ip phone solutions.

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