free line rental

free_line_rentalDon’t believe in free line rental!  You end up paying for it one way or another.  Offers for free line rental you’ll be bombarded with every day.  It’s true that you will get free line rental, but the line rental will be recouped by the supplier in your call costs, or he’ll build it into a package with your new phone system.

At Telephone Systems Direct we won’t offer you free line rental, BUT we will ensure you are made aware of the best line rental rates and calling tariffs.  You can have your trunks installed for “free†but as we’ve said earlier the free is recovered in your higher monthly rental charges.  So you have to decide on whether you want to pay less upfront and more as you go along, or more initially and reduced rentals.  One thing is for sure, TelephoneSystemsDirect will come clean with all the options so you can take an informed decision.

So even if you’ve been offered free line rental on analogue, ISDN, SIP, or mobile lines, ring our advisors on 0800 652 8052 to chat and discover how we can do better for you.

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