future communication

“Beam me up Scottie†….these words, uttered by James T Kirk, were beamed to the Star Ship Enterprise by sub-sonic future communication technology.  future_communication.pdf

OK so that future communication might still be a few years away, but even today we’re seeing future communication taking place in the UK with BT’s 21st Century Network being implemented – in larger cities first, then across the rest of the country.

future_communicationWhat does this future communication mean to us?  Well….instead of our customary mix of analogue, ISDN and Broadband lines, we’ll gradually migrate to the future communication SIP trunks which are essentially higher specification Digital Subscriber Lines (dsl) allowing faster upload and download speeds enabling live TV to be broadcast as well as multi-media data streams.

is keeping abreast of these future communication developments and advising our clients when the time is pertinent for them to upgrade to reap cost and facility benefits.  Call us about future communication news on 0800 652 8052 when you’re ready.

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