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gn_netcom_comWho is GN Netcom?  gn_netcom_com_logo

Well GN Netcom com menced as a Danish-based technology group founded in 1869.
GN Netcom com pleted its formation in 1987 as a spin-off from GN-Danavox (currently GN-ReSound) and is among the foremost suppliers of hands-free communications.
GN Netcom com
Its introductory headset product was the Stetomike.  Since then, GNNetcom continues to develop and market new solutions based on leading-edge technologies. Some landmarks in their history have been the first introduction of the noise-cancelling microphone, multi-purpose amplifier, single-cord binaural-headset, and the 1st headsets with built-in amplification, to mention a few. In 2000, GN Netcom commercially launched the world’s earliest available head-set using Bluetooth®.
GN Netcom com
From its start in the contact centre marketing arena, its competition extends to office, mobile and PC audio with its focus on wireless kit. GN Netcom’s ability to target these newer markets has been further strengthened through an acquisition in 2000. In August 2000, GN Netcom com bined with the JABRA Corporation of San Diego, California, a leading manufacturer of headphones for cellular phones.
GN Netcom com
With its world headquarters in Copenhagen, GN Netcom com petes in three regions: the Americas, Europe / Middle East and Africa and finally Asia-Pacific. GN Netcom’s research and development is in Denmark; production facilities in China; and sales offices in 15 countries. GN Netcom employs almost 1,000 employees worldwide.
GN Netcom com
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