gn netcom headset repair

gn_netcom_headset_repairHopefully you’ll never need a GN Netcom headset repair.  GN Netcom headsets also go under the Jabra trade mark. All GN Netcom headset models are built with quality in mind so that a GN Netcom headset repair shouldn’t be required as it shouldn’t fail.

But we are realists and inevitably any electronic product will become faulty. 

Firstly there is “infant mortality†– that’s when the item dies in the first few months of life – quite common a few years ago – this is where a component fails through a manufacturing defect – you’ll have your GN Netcom headset repair free as it will be replaced under the terms of its warranties.

Next there is “Old Ageâ€.  Eventually materials wear out including metals – through metal fatigue – or in the case of some capacitors – their dielectric dries out and the performance of the capacitor doesn’t meet the specification – affecting the operation of other electronics.  Today electrical components are usually to higher qualities than in the Twentieth Century.

Should your GN Netcom headset cease to perform faultlessly then it is possible to effect a repair by returning to your supplier.  In most cases the headset will be out of its warranty period and the GN Netcom headset repair will be to purchase a replacement.  gn_netcom_headset.pdf

0800 652 8052 gets you through to TelephoneSystemsDirect where we can talk about the efficacy of a GN Netcom headset repair.

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