gn netcom repair

gn_netcom_repairBefore you go seeking a GN Netcom repair, we at Telephone Systems Direct suggest you quickly make sure that the GN Netcom product actually needs a repair.

gn_netcom_repair_gn9120OK you probably are right and the GN Netcom headset does need repair.  BUT do take the time to visit the Jabra ServiceNet web page where you can enter your item’s identity and what the symptoms are.  You will be provided with a short suggestion that you should check out.

Having done these checks and found that your GN Netcom unit still malfunctions, then it really does require repair, or replacing.  If it’s within warranty there’s a quick replacement service available from GN Netcom’s partners or preferably from your supplier.  If it is out-of-warranty then find a GOLD or SILVER classed service-partner.

gn_netcom_repair_headsetIt goes against the grain to recommend other telecoms dealers for GN Netcom repair but you might have seen their URL in previous searches – pmctelecom .co .uk  gn netcom repair.pdf

If TelephoneSystemsDirect has supplied your original products then please do ring 0800 652 8052 where we will speedily sort the problem out under any terms and conditions that may apply.

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