go wifi phone

go_wifi_phoneOnly go wifi phone if your local area network is up to the job.  If you go wifi phone without having a LAN audit you might just be surprised that it doesn’t work to your expectations.

WHY do we say this about the topic “go wifi phone�

Wi-Fi phones use VoIP language and that means that data is merged with all the other packets, such as web pages, finance and logistics information whizzing through your routers and switches.  If your networks already have a high level of traffic then this extra load could cause bottlenecks.  If the devices aren’t Layer 3 or later then they won’t have the QOS feature that prioritises speech.  If they aren’t prioritised then conversations are garbled and don’t happen in real time as face-to-face conversation is.  go_wifi_phone.pdf

By chatting to the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect we’ll tell you frankly all about whether to go wifi phone!  By dialling 0800 652 8052 we’ll advise you of the 25% discounts that apply to OfficeServ purchases – saving you loads and making WiFi more affordable even if you’re only after a few handsets.

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