gsm gateway

gsm_gatewayA gsm gateway for your office PABX may save you loads of money, or it can cost more than by seeking alternatives.

A gsm gateway effectively enables all your outgoing and incoming connections to mobiles to be routed through the gsm gateway thereby paying mobile tariffs for each of those calls outbound, and for the callers a mobile-to-mobile call, rather than mobile-to-landline.

So dependant on the tariff you currently pay for each routing type and the costs of business-mobiles then a gsm gateway might be beneficial to your organisation.

The only way to discover if a gsm gateway is going to be appropriate is to get in touch with the advisors of TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.  They will chat to you quite openly on gsm gateway prices and offer a comprehensive costing review to determine if a gsm gateway solution or applying other call-costings is apt in your particular scenario.

Whichever will bring benefits – we can help you.  The reviews are free of charge, so you’ve nothing to loose in your gsm gateway investigation.

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