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handset_phonesChoosing handset phones today is getting more difficult.  Why?  handset_phones_noveltyThere are so many handset phones from a multitude of manufacturers for both business and domestic users to choose from.

So how do you make a choice on handset phones?

Features…..this really should be the starting point of your search.  What do you want your handset phones to do?  handset_phones_DECTIf it’s just to answer calls and dial infrequently, then a plain ordinary telephone (POT) is all you’ll require.  You will only have to spend a few quid to get satisfaction.  It you phone lots of people then you’ll be needing a built-in directory of names and numbers plus ease of searching.  Perhaps you are away from your handset phones so need a voicemail or answering machine facility. 

 handset_phones_IPThe more feature-rich the handset phones are, the higher the price tag normally.

handset_phones_POTStyle…..usually has a high profile in your decision making process.  Colour and aesthetics are personal.  If you are looking for handset phones for a modern house you could be paying out a lot for some styles.

Whatever your demands for handset phones we think that by dialling TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 we will be able to identify one that will fit the bill at prices you won’t find on the High Street. 

For businesses we offer you an unrivalled portfolio of handset phones from basic to executive allowing VoIP usage with a comprehensive array of software applications and fully featured VoiceMail system – all with 25% discounts.  handset_phones.pdf

That’s 0800 652 8052 for handset phones.

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