hd video conferencing

hd_video_conferencingIn today’s business world HD video conferencing is a must.  hd_video_conferencing.pdf

The most probable HD video conferencing solution you’ll discover will be from the HD video conferencing industry leaders Polycom and LifeSize.

These manufacturers of HD video conferencing solutions cover everything from personal TelePresence to multi-screen and multiple cameras and speakers for auditorium HD video conferencing systems.

hd_video_conferencing_aThe HD video conferencing products never stay still and are being constantly developed and improved.  Where HD video conferencing used to be conducted over ISDN phone lines using 2 channels, now it has migrated to Broadband or SIP trunks utilising flexible bandwidths dependant on the number of terminals connected at each end.

At Telephone Systems Direct we’ve been dealing in HD video conferencing, with the suppliers mentioned previously, for some considerable time so we can be of service to you with our knowledge and competitive prices.

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