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head_setsHead sets are very personal.  head_sets_cordedYou don’t go round wearing other people’s head sets!

Today head sets are far more common in public.  You’ll see youngsters and businessmen in the street with earpieces. In firms everyone needs to be using their hands to type on their keyboard while talking to customers, updating the database, or taking notes.  No longer do you have to have a cable linking a head set to the telephone.  With the advent of DECT the developments by Netcom, Plantronics, Sennheiser and other manufacturers enable us to answer calls away from our desks, just by clicking on the button mounted on the head sets.  Ranges of 100m are usual even in office spaces.  head_sets_cs60Bluetooth versions are also seen so you can have your mobile in your pocket while you’re speaking on it.  head_sets.pdf

Your head sets can be monaural or binaural and for noisier environments can be equipped with noise-cancelling technology. 
Selecting correct head sets is down to picking those that fit comfortably in, or over, your ear and doesn’t mess up your hair do, while giving the performance you demand.

At Telephone Systems Direct we cater for all your head sets requirements – and all at competitive prices.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors for frank advice on head sets, price and availability.

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