headset connection

headset_connectionMaking a headset connection is simply a matter of reading the instructions provided.  If you’re having difficulties with your headset connection then ring 0800 652 8052 where our team will try its best to solve the problem with a bit of friendly advice.

headset_connection_usbTelephoneSystemsDirect isn’t one of those outfits that sell you something without offering the appropriate support to go with it.  From headsets to phone systems, cheaper calls to maintenance…..we deliver.  headset_connection.pdf

Usually when our UK clients do have a headset connection difficulty it’s because they’ve misread the user guide and plugged the lead into the wrong port, especially where a bi-way switch or headset amplifier is involved.  Just double check the booklet supplied and we think you’ll resolve the headset connection mis-operation.

But if all else fails it could be a hardware fault, in which case the headset and connection cables will all need to be swapped out under the terms of the product warranty.  If the warranty’s run out, it could be wise to purchase a new headset.  0800 652 8052 will connect you to our advisors to find the bargain of the month.

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