headset cordless phones

headset_cordless_phonesWe think that any headset cordless phones should become an integral part of your body.  The headset cordless phone is a personal item that is donned when you arrive at your desk in the morning and removed when the day’s work is completed.  headset_cordless_phones.pdf

It is essential that you choose your headset cordless phones carefully, don’t make a rash decision that you later regret! 

There are a number of factors for consideration in selecting headset cordless phones:  Lightness, Monaural / Binaural, Battery Life, Range and Microphone Sensitivity.

headset_cordless_phones_cs60You will be wearing your headset all day so don’t want a heavy model.  There are times when you wish to listen to others around you while you’re talking via the cordless headphones, so in this case have one ear uncovered.  With Bluetooth and DECT versions power is supplied through rechargeable batteries that are charged from the base unit.  It could be that you only use the headset cordless phones at your work-station; therefore corded operation might be considered as these generally have a lower price tag than the cordless options.

Whatever you do, it’s sensible to contact Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 to discuss the environment that you’ll be operating your headset cordless phones in. Our recommendations will feature the major manufacturers – BUT every solution will be cheaper from us than buying elsewhere.

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