headset headband

headset_headbandDid you know that what girls dislike more than men is their headset headband?

This is because their headset headband messes up their expensive hairdo!

There are many alternatives to the headset headband.  Probably liked the most is the clip round the ear or intra-aural ear-piece.  These come along with a protective foam pad that cushions the transceiver making the wearer unaware that they are wearing anything – providing the whole assembly is light.

Buying a replacement headset headband is probably a waste of time.  You’d be better off replacing the headset with another maker’s product that is more robust – especially if this headset headband has been damaged by the user.

By phoning TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 you’ll be put in touch with our team of advisors who can guide you on all manner of headset solutions including wireless or corded models.  headset_headband.pdf

We’ve been supplying telephony products to the UK business community since 1992, so you can be assured of good service whether it’s for a complete phone system or purely a headset headband.

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