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Choosing a headset manufacturer is not easy.  Why?  Because every headset manufacturer we buy off produces quality products at reasonable prices.

headset_manufacturerOK, so your earpiece supplied with your mobile phone is probably really cheap, but does the job it was provided for.  These earpieces will possibly have been sourced through a far eastern headset manufacturer to maximise the margin on the handset.

Here at TelephoneSystemsDirect we tend to use the headset manufacturer Plantronics as our norm.  However, that doesn’t always stop us recommending Netcom, Sennheiser or JPL headsets if we believe they will do what is required by the caller.

So choose your headset manufacturer by first calling 0800 652 8052 and chatting to an advisor who can guide you to the most appropriate model at an affordable price.  headset.pdf

Telephone Systems Direct has been providing telecoms solutions to businesses throughout the UK since 1992.  Our clientele value our services and that’s why they voted for us to become the SME Reseller of the Year recently.  You can be assured of frankness and honesty in our dealings with you.

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