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headset_phoneBuying a headset phone is simply a matter of dialling 0800 652 8052.

headset_phone_btFrom Novelty phones to Enterprise class telephone systems, line rentals and calling packages, we offer quality solutions to all UK customers. 

At Telephone Systems Direct we have a comprehensive range of headset phone models available for business or domestic use at better than High Street prices.  That’s because we don’t have the expense of running a physical shop employing assistants to sit round twiddling their thumbs when things are quiet.

Samsung’s DS and OfficeServ (& older Euro) ranges of telephones are all headset compatible.  Alternatively we can supply a wireless solution where you can answer callers remotely.  Pressing the button on the side of the headset raises the receiver allowing you to speak to the caller.  headset_phone.pdf

Our team promote headset phone sales through many websites so that people like you who are interested in obtaining a bargain on a headset phone that does what you want it to do, ring us up.

Calls to us are free on 0800 652 8052 to chat about your headset phone or any other telecoms topic.

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