headset system

headset_systemA headset system will transform the way you use your telephone.  No more getting a stiff neck from cradling the handset between your shoulder and ear.  OK so your hair-gel hairdo may get mussed up, but you’ll find that a minor inconvenience, especially when you can be answering callers at the touch of a button while away from your desk outside on a break – that’s only if you’re expecting that deal closing call.

Our headset system solutions have transformed the manner in which some of our clients work, freeing them from their desks.  Once they have taken a trial unit, they very soon make the purchase, then a week later, order more!

headset_system_cs50We specialise in providing a headset system from the major players – that’s Plantronics, GN Netcom (Jabra), Sennheiser and Doro.  They all have their pros and cons so it’s wise to check them out before committing to buy. 

Our advisors can help you as they are well versed in what our clientele have said about recent deliveries and can tell you what the flavour of the month is.  Plantonics headsets.pdf

For your headset system experience start by dialling 0800 652 8052.

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