headsetWhat sort of headset should I buy?  “That is the question†Hamlet asked himself!

Corded headset?  One that’s connected to the headset port with a cable.
Cordless headset? Communicating with a base station using radio technology. Binaural headset? Two earphones – useful in noisy environments
Monaural headset? A single earphone – used in quieter offices
Noise-Cancelling headset? – going to use it on your mobile outdoors – very effective
DECT headset? – uses digitally enhanced cordless telephony giving up to 100m range
BlueTooth headset? – short-range for answering PC-based softphones or mobiles

headset_cordedWhatever type of headset you are searching for stop reading countless web pages and dial 0800 652 8052 where our knowledgeable advisors can save you time and money.

Telephone Systems Direct has been helping the business community throughout the UK since 1992 with a comprehensive portfolio of telephones, headsets, phone systems and accessories.  As a Samsung Platinum Partner and SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder we think you don’t need any further credentials to know you’ll be getting a good deal from us, as well as quality services and products.

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