home intercom

home_intercomHaving a home intercom to the office is now a reality.  With the advent of the internet and voice-over-IP it’s possible to have IP phones linked to your broadband router allowing you to have a virtual extension that can be included in the office’s intercom group.  home_intercom.pdf

In the home an OfficeServ7030 can be used effectively as the home intercom in larger houses or mansions. Being able to transfer calls and page is probably more effective than multiple DECT handset solution with the added advantage of home intercom.  You can also add a doorphone that’ll ring the hands free telephones so you’ll always hear the doorbell!

We have a wide choice of handsets, all of which give hands-free communications enabling you to answer the call even when you’re busy cooking.

TelephoneSystemsDirect advisors can assist you determine if our home intercom solutions are applicable to your house or business.  Ring us on 0800 652 8052.

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