home office phone system

home_office_phone_systemThe OfficeServ7200 has been used as a home office phone system but it is very unusual.  This was before the advent of the OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7100.  These two Samsung systems are perfect as a home office phone system as was the OfficeServ12 and OfficeServ-SOHO. 

However, it is not actually necessary nowadays to have an actual home office phone system because with the availability of broadband and VoIP technology you can now have all the facilities of your office phone system at home simply by implementing a home voice-over-IP extension.  All the OfficeServ7000 range are equipped to act in this mode of home office phone system.  The connection from the OfficeServ to the internet is via an MGI channel and at home by plugging an SMT-i3100 or largerSMT-i5200 into your router.  All you’ll require is a fixed IP address at home.  home_office_phone_system.pdf

TelephoneSystemsDirect installs this home office phone system functionality with a high percentage of installations.

If you need more information on home office phone system please pick up the phone, dial 0800 652 8052 and one of our advisors will help you.

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