home phone systems

There are a variety of home phone systems solutions available from the Samsung portfolio.  The OfficeServ7030 and the OfficeServ-SOHO home phone systems.  There is also the OfficeServ12 home phone systems but these are no longer on sale as new items.

The capacity of the 7030 scales from one trunk circuit and two analogue extensions to four and ten respectively.  The eight other extension ports can be analogues or digitals or even VoIP.  The trunks can be old fashioned direct exchange lines, ISDN2’s or SIP.  home_phone_systems.pdf

home_phone_systemsAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we’d advise you to stick with ISDN just at the moment until BT have completed their 21CN project – likely 2012 when delivery of voice-over-IP traffic world wide will have the quality of service that isn’t guaranteed today.

There is an alternative to home phone systems for owners of businesses.  Why not deploy a few IP-phones at home linked via broadband to the office system?  Each will have it’s own station number and can display BLF status of each of your staff.  You’ll be able to answer out of hours calls as well.

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