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home_phone_-_bakeliteToday’s home_phone_-_rotaryhome phone bears little resemblance to the good old Bakelite GPO home phone of the 1950’s or the candlestick home phone of the early years of home telephony when only the rich and landed gentry could afford them.  The home phone of today probably isn’t even wired to the wall – it’s inevitably a wireless home phone with either DECT, or possibly the latest in Wi-Fi technology.  home_phone.pdf

If you’re searching for a home phone then you’re reading the right article.  At Telephone Systems Direct our primary sales are to the business community, BUT we do have every imaginable home phone available for next day delivery.  A free phone call to our team of advisors on 0800 652 8052 allows you to tell us what you need and we’ll ship it to you, without you having to trawl through loads more web sites trying to find a cheaper deal.

home_phone_-_dectWehome_phone_bigbutton want your trade….that is why we don’t take a lot of profit on any home phone we sell.  Even for large houses, we’re prepared to knock 25% off the price of our entry-level OfficeServ7030 phone system that has integral voice mail for when you’re out.  It’s SIP compatible, so that when BT delivers the new high-speed Broadband to your area you’ll be able to benefit from voice-over-IP calls.

So make the FREE CALL to us (0800 652 8052) and have your credit card to hand.  If you’re at all concerned, just read our guarantee at the top of the home page.

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