Home Telephone System

Home_Telephone_SystemThe OfficeServ7030 is an excellent home telephone system.  This home telephone system can be configured from as small as one trunkHome_Telephone_System_best_buytwo stations up to ten extensions and four lines in the cabinet with 2-ports of voicemail and 4 of Voice-over-IP.  (Double with an additional cab).

Perhaps you only want the features and facilities from your work place at home instead of having a dedicated home telephone system.  That’s not a problem with a VoIP extension connected through your broadband circuits.

Home_Telephone_System_25_OFFAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we can discuss your home telephone system requirements and suggest different ways in achieving it at minimum cost.

Having wireless handsets on your home telephone system might be on your list of priorities.  Again that’s not problematical.  That can be solved with DECT or Wi-Fi solutions.Home_Telephone_System_plat

0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with our friendly advisor team who will assist you in identifying the ideal home telephone system.

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