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Home_Telephone_SystemsHome_Telephone_Systems_best_buyFor home telephone systems we aren’t the best in the market.  OfficeServ7030 home telephone systems are a contender but we do Home_Telephone_Systems_25_OFFunderstand that many of the public when looking for home telephone systems will not be wanting to exceed £100.

TelephoneSystemsDirect specialises in business communications, but occasionally we do install home telephone systems in large and sprawling homes.  The OS7030 is configurable from two lines and extensions up to ten ports in a single cabinet and twenty if an second one is added.  The cabinets are priced at £200 RRP into which you add low cost modules for trunks and end-points.

With ISDN, SIP, Wi-Fi, VoIP and TDM technologies these home telephone systems give you all the features and facilities of headquarters systems but at a fraction of the price.  Integral voice mail means you never have to miss any calls.  The system can even dial your mobile for you to deliver messages if they’ve been left for more than a programmed number of minutes or hours.Home_Telephone_Systems_plat

So we know we said at the outset we are not primarily in the home telephone systems marketplace – WE ARE REALLY.

0800 652 8052 to discuss home telephone systems.

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