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home_voipHome VoIP is becoming more common – especially with the new generation that have grown up with laptops.

home_voip_-_wifiHome VoIP started with SKYPE but now there are many choices.  Home VoIP is set to be transformed by the upgrading of the UK PSTN in BT’s 21CN project.  The roll out of SIP trunks commenced in 2007 and is due to complete in 2015.  Then we’ll all have access to the Internet, Video on Demand and other multi-media services at speeds in excess of 10Mb (unless you pay through the nose for them in the “Noughties†(2000 – 2009)

Small house owners will purchase Home VoIP adapters from the electrical super stores while those with larger houses and mansions will possibly have an entry-level phone system that is compatible with these Session-Internet-Protocol trunk lines installed professionally.  TelephoneSystemsDirect has a suitable model in the OfficeServ7030 that’s been rated as a BEST BUY by What to Buy for Business magazine.  home_voip.pdf

If you want more information on Home VoIP then ring the advisors at Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 for advice.

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