hosted ip pbx

hosted_ip_pbxA hosted ip pbx is an essential for business and enterprise centres.  A hosted ip pbx can supply many small and medium sized businesses with a far cheaper alternative than implementing their own pbx.  They rent the number of lines and extensions that they require, increasing and decreasing the quantity dependant on their commercial load month-to-month.

The hosted ip pbx from the Korean electronics giant, Samsung Electronics, is an award winner with “What to Buy for Business†magazine.  The OfficeServ7400 has been installed in Enterprise Centres in the North-West by Telephone Systems Direct.  Even the OfficeServ500 (predecessor of the OfficeServ7000 series) has been implemented as a hosted pbx but with some ip capabilities.  hosted_ip_pbx.pdf

We have a depth of knowledge and experience with VoIP hosted ip pbx implementations and can guide the landlord as well as the individuals using the hosted ip pbx in the features and facilities that they can make use of, such as centralised SVMi voicemail, IP-UMS applications or even home extension ports.  We can record all the external voice traffic on your hosted ip pbx with a minimal capital investment.

0800 652 8052 will connect you with our advisors who can tell you much more about hosted ip pbx functionality and our comprehensive umbrella of support services.

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