hosted ivr

You’ll pay heavily for hosted ivr with a telecoms operator like as BT.  You should calculate the costs of having  an in-house ivr platform and then compare against hosted ivr.    hosted_ivr.pdf

hosted_ivrAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we think you may well be pleasantly surprised at the annual cost of hosted ivr and that purchasing an award winning voice server such as the OfficeServ7400 with an ivr software application that the break point for capital expenditure is perhaps only two years!  (We’ll help you with financing if you wish.)  The savings kick in and it’s pay-back time for the initial effort spent in the investigation and listening to our persuasive arguments against hosted ivr.

We are a holder of the SME Reseller of the Year trophy (voted for annually in the Industry’s Channel Awards) and a Samsung Platinum Business Partner.  That will assure you of our credentials in the communications arena.

To find our more about hosted ivr and TelephoneSystemsDirect’s capabilities just dial 0800 652 8052.

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