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hotel_phone_systemMaking an impression with hotel phone systems is not top of the list for Hotel Managers.

What they don’t want is any guest complaining about the hotel’s phones.

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Ideally the manager would hope that when guests leave their hotel, they are so impressed with everything that they tell their friends and business associates that they’ve had a GREAT TIME!

There are many differentiators in the hotel industry from huge suites that are lavishly furnished for the wealthy and famous, to internationally recognised French chefs that produce the height of culinary excellence.

Whenever a hotel is to be renovated the phone system is probably very low on the priorities of the management. They will be concentrating on the décor, carpets, beds, baths, shower fittings and trouser presses, before thinking about the bedside phone.

It’s very old hat in hotels for the morning wake-up call to be delivered through the telephone handset. The personal touch has been pushed to one side in some hotel phone systems by automated features that the room occupant can set up themselves. But the majority of multiple star accommodation employ humans to ring and to wish them “Good Morning – Bonjour – Gutten Morgen – Ohayou gozaimasuâ€.

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Being able to programme the phone’s display in the guest’s language centrally is commonplace.

Samsung hotel phone systems come with a wealth of facilities that hotel owners and operators will find beneficial. From traditional low-cost feature-phones the OfficeServ portfolio boasts a family of twenty proprietary terminals for back-room or front-of-house use. There is a choice of DECT or Wi-Fi for keeping the porters and maids in continuous contact as well as room-status codes that can be entered through the keypad to be reported into the FOH-system.

The differentiator in hotel phone systems is the latest XML-phone on which hotel services can be displayed, so that the occupier doesn’t have to look in the directory, or refer to the TV – “Book your Cocktail – 2233†with a graphic of a “Daiquiri Sunrise†– or –2244 for a Sauna – with a background of the hotel spa – grabs the attention. All of these can be set-up simply on a server that links in to the OfficeServ7000 series (BEST BUY ratings from What to Buy for Business magazine).

IP-phones offer businessmen the ability to plug in their laptop for a physical connection to the Internet where Wireless networks don’t deliver the speed desired.

For more information on making a difference in hotel communications dial 0800 652 8052 for Telephone Systems Direct– a member of Samsung’s platinum fraternity and recently voted SME Reseller of the Year.

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