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house_phonesWhen buying house phones you’ll probably go to a high street shop or your local superstore.  What you won’t find at these outlets is the same choice that you’ll get from Telephone Systems Direct.  We have the whole market to choose from for house phones, from the basic one piece telephone to voice-over-IP models linking you to your office so that you can actually work at home.

Novelty house phones, cordless house phones, door-entry house phones…..we can help you out on any of these. 

Our OfficeServ7030 is becoming a best seller for large houses (or smaller mansions) tying into the analogue side of your broadband distributing telephony to bedrooms and living areas alike.  Adding a DECT or WiFi handset gives you unrivalled mobility and you can add a top-notch voicemail for £150.  house_phones.pdf

Why TelephoneSystemsDirect for house phones?  The wider selection and keenness of our prices possibly allied to the frank advice you’ll receive from our advisors.  We know what are the popular house phones at the moment and what’s new.  Call us today on 0800 652 8052 for house phones.

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