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This is the final article in this series on ten things to consider when choosing a Capital Equipment supplier.  Hopefully you’ve found them stimulating and thought provoking ……..

Today we have too many modes of telecommunication to choose from.  There’s the old-fashioned telephone.  Then there is email, GSM phone, text messaging, video conferencing, TDM phone systems, VoIP phone systems and not forgetting the facsimile/fax – these are all forms of instantaneous communication.  We originally relied on the written word being delivered through the post -taking days to arrive – then telegrams were utilised for really important messages.

With the plethora of communications formats it can be a full-time job keeping up-to-date with mails sent to you – what with Facebook, Twitter and all the other social websites.

phone_systems_010We constantly aware that trying to sort out any British Gas or BT problems will inevitably lead us into speaking to an agent based thousands of miles away in the Philippines or India, rather than Glasgow or Bristol.

So getting in touch with your capital equipment suppliers is by no means simple.

In your purchasing investigations don’t forget to scrutinise the chosen supplier’s website Contact page.  This should give you (1) a Phone Number (2) an e-Mail Address and (3) their Post Code.  In certain instances there will be a “Click Here to Chat†button – this will connect you to their call-centre.

This is perfect for a sales enquiry.  But how do you contact them after installation to progress a fault?

Prior to commitment to the salesman, ask to talk to their maintenance / operations manager.  Quiz him / her about points-of-contact during the normal working week, out of hours, and for national holidays.

It does depend on your business and how long you can tolerate any lack of service your systems should provide.  If it’s your phone systems and you have no incoming calls then you’ll want it fixed Pretty Damned Quick!  If it was only the phone in the restaurant then you could wait a day or two.
BUT – How would you react if, when you ring up to report a serious problem, you only reach a Voice Mail?  “Not Acceptable†I hear you say.

There are different levels of support from most providers – 9-5, Monday-Friday, Out-Of-Hours and 24/7.  Premiums will apply for the latter of these.

They may use an agency or will have someone On Call.

But what most people don’t expect is an 0800 phone-number, or for the Managing Director to offer them his Mobile number so that if there is a life-and-death issue – he can be contacted personally!  We Do!

So please be thorough in your investigation – it’s all part and parcel of Risk Management strategy that we alluded to in our opening document – check out all the supporting issues as well as the primary product.

For more information on this or any of the previously published topics – feel free to speak to us on 0800 652 8052.

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