How to Up-skill your Staff on Phones

Telephone_Training__TuitionGive a man a phone and he could screw up your business. Teach a man to phone and revenues will flourish.

Here you will discover how you can develop their skills for free via 20 short telephone training video clips that will enhance your mastery of the most commonly used instrument in our businesses.


It is true to say that the lion share of most commerce is done by telephone. Even retailers frequently receive preliminary enquiries about pricing and availability prior to purchase. The landline is the main conduit of communication in almost all vertical markets. Industry often spends huge amounts on the latest phone systems yet little if anything on developing their employees to squeeze their investment. The experts say that they are missing the most important factor which is humans themselves.


The current generation tends to have been taught initially by parents. So the degree of proficiency varies enormously from one person to another. Whilst some mothers and fathers insisted that you should respond with you number and name others just picked up with a hello. Those whom have benefitted from coaching at previous employers will have varying degrees of expertise. It seems that each employer has a different approach to dealing with this.

Perceived wisdom states that uniformity is the key. In other words, it is no good boasting about a single team member who is excellent while the rest are doing their own thing regardless. But few organisations can afford to bring in external trainers in these times of economic austerity.

Of course there is the option of reading about the best techniques to employ. But it is widely acclaimed that readers only retain 10% of what they read. Audio to the rescue because they recall 20% of what they hear. But if they see as they are hearing, then they have the ability to remember 50%. So without a doubt, videos are the most effective way to improve.

The great news is that there is a staff telephone training resource at TelephoneSystemsDirect which levies no charge for viewers of its educational movies. So unless you think that you are perfect, they are well worth checking out.

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