A hybrid telephone system in the 1980’s was one that provided analogue and digital extensions.  The current definition of a hybrid phone product is that which delivers TDM and IP to the desk.  The time division multiplexing technology has been around for years and was the successor to physical switching matrixes.  The data transport protocol (ip) was developed in the late 1970’s mainly in the computer connectivity industry and only in the latter part of the twentieth century entered the voice-switching arena.

hybridVoIP developments advanced in leaps and bounds to the point where there is now a plethora of hybrid models to choose from.  Many do not wish to put all their eggs-in-one-basket (so to speak) and rarely rely on their LAN to deliver all their communications.  The early days of voice-over-IP were littered with problems but after the QOS feature (quality of service) was implemented in layer 3 switches and routers, there was little difference between the older and newer technologies.

Which hybrid comms platform does TelephoneSystemsDirect think provides the best value-for-money?  Well we practically agree with “What to Buy for Business” magazine who thought the OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400 from Samsung were GOOD VALUE.  hybrid.pdf

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