I Wish Phone Systems would Change in Appearance

Phone systems are not the most exciting products on earth let’s face it.

Phone Systems VisuallyThey sit on your desk all day, get utilized to the best of their abilities, suffer abuse due to not being able to be used correctly, may have the odd bruise from having been slammed down and are just there to make you look busier then you actually are.

So why would you want to change what they turn up as? They are not cool, you don’t see glamorous models fawning over them and advertising executives spending millions on them to the mass market. The sellers of them might well drive flash cars, have nice houses, go on lovely holidays but phone systems do not really need all that care and attention. They do what it says on the tin.

But I suppose there are those who would rather operate iPhone-ish phone systems than one from a dodgy East European country.

Instead of being black, phone systems could come in different colours and I am sure they do, dark grey and white. Great if you love a dull entity cluttering up your station when you could have the phone systems of your dreams, glittering in its entirety.

And if you could alter it, what would you do? It is a model which has all the functions you have it for. It has a handset, dials, buttons, knobs and switches; everything phone systems should have.

Frankly, I don’t worry what phone systems appear like, I am more bothered whether they work in the way they are meant to. If they can complete that task then I am a happy chappy because if they fail to, then what is the point in investing in phone systems in the first place.

If phone systems do what they say they will then the world’s a better location.

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