idcs 18d

idcs 18d

The Samung iDCS 18d phone is one of the “Falcon†range of handsets that were originally designed for the United States market.  The Samung iDCS 18d phone was offered to the UK but was turned down in favour of retaining the Euro until the introduction of the OfficeServ DS5000 series.

Never the less the Samung iDCS 8d and iDCS 18d phones made an appearance in Europe packaged with the OfficeServ7030.  The Samung iDCS 18d phone was the top model for this entry level VoIP system.  The iDCS ranges are no longer on sale in this country.

So if you really do want to get your hands on a Samung iDCS 18d phone we think you’re going to have to ring us on 0800 652 8052 and we’ll try to identify source who can provide a Samung iDCS 18d phone.  idcs_18.pdf

Obviously we’d prefer you to purchase a Samsung OfficeServDS5014s as it has more functionality for the same price had the Samung iDCS 18d phone been still available here.

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