iDCS 28

idcs_28The iDCS 28 keyset is marketed in the USA to compliment the Samsung DCS and iDCS telephone systems.

The idcs 28 was considered for sale in the UK and Europe but the styling of the Euro and later DS5000 series was preferred.  However, some dealerships did actually like the style so some packages of idcs 28 plus OfficeServ7030 were made available to the trade.  idcs_28.pdf

In the United Kingdom the idcs 28 and its sister models were referred to as the Falcon family and a number have been distributed to our businesses.

TelephoneSystemsDirect holds the complete range of OfficeServ7000 voice servers, OfficeServDS5000 and OfficeServSMT-i5000 terminals ready for next day delivery by our premier couriers.

Telephone Systems Direct is one of Samsung’s elite Platinum dealers and holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy.

You can contact us about the idcs 8, idcs 18 or idcs 28 on 0800 652 8052.

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