iDCS phone system

office serv 7100The Office Serv 7100 telephone system was designed and developed by Samsung, the Korean Manufacturer. The Office Serv 7100 is part of the Office Serv family of phone systems and is special in the fact that it is classed as quite an average sized PABX with all the functionalities of a much larger one.

The Office Serv 7100 can handle up to eight incoming lines and thirty two extensions. Office Serv 7100 Features The Office Serv 7100 has lots of functions including Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Call centre handling, Direct Dialling inward (DDI), Caller ID feature (CLI), station hunt groups, Call forwarding and transfer, least cost routing and not forgetting Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). This last funcion allows Organisations to utilise home workers who can use an extension remotely, whilst still connected to the Office Serv 7100.


Office Serv 7100 pricing and service: All Office Serv 7100 parts and accessories have been discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price, making the Office Serv 7100 a cost effective, affordable solution for any Business. Our fully trained Engineers can support your Office Serv 7100 anywhere nationwide. Contact us now on 0800 652 8052 for more information.

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