idcs telephone system

idcs telephone systemsidcs telephone systems

Information on handset usage for iDCS telephone systems is available from the documents section of this website.

We have a range of user documentation from that of the manufacturer to that written by our training team who have created guides from years of experience having trained all our end-users.  You choose which you think is best.
Info from Samsung can be found via the link:

If you are hoping to expand one of your iDCS telephone systems then we can help.  Although iDCS telephone systems have been made obsolete, we do have a stock of parts so contact us on 0800 652 8062 where an advisor will check you have slots or circuit capacity before quoting for the works.

Looking for a support package to protect your investment?  Again we can assist as we are a Platinum partner offering owners of iDCS telephone systems the peace-of-mind that when the inevitable part fails, we’ll be there to replace it quickly and efficiently without any additional cost. You know your annual outlay for that insurance.

Telephone Systems Direct will ensure your communication costs are minimised by analysing your calling profile and advising on the possibility of reducing phone bills by hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds annually.

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