integrated voice system

THE integrated voice system is the OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP enabled telephony servers from the communications leader Samsung.

These integrated voice system products scale to suit the size of your business.  OfficeServ7030 is the entry level integrated voice system for 2 trunks and up to ten extensions in the basic cabinet and can double with an expansion unit.

integrated_voice_systemThe OfficeServ7200 integrated voice system is the normal seller for most businesses giving big system performance for a medium system price.

The other members of this integrated voice system family are OfficeServ7100 and OfficeServ7400.  The latter integrated voice system serves as a headquarters or central hub with 7030’s, 7100’s and 7200’s acting as satellites. integrated_voice_system.pdf

All have industry leading voicemail, TDM & IP technology signalling, a wide range of handsets and terminals, even softphone applications for travellers to stay in touch from their hotel rooms.

These integrated voice system OfficeServ’s are award winners – just look at what “What to Buy for Business†magazine said about the OS7030 and OS7400 – GOOD VALUE.  With TelephoneSystemsDirect offering 25% discounts off manufacturer’s RRP they all fall into this classification.

Call us now for more information on our integrated voice system solutions.  We are Platinum accredited and a former holder of the trophy for SME Reseller of the Year!

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