intercom wired

Why have an intercom wired when you can do it all with your telephone system?

The OfficeServ7030 entry level telephony server provides intercom wired services for no more cost.  In fact all the OfficeServ7000 series do the same.  intercom_wired.pdf intercom_wired

An intercom wired door-phone unit ties you to answering callers and releasing the door-lock at a single point.  Just think, with the OfficeServ-DOORPHONE you can have anyone with a desk phone can answer and then let them in.

GOOD VALUE is what “What to Buy for Business” magazine said about the 70303 and 7400 systems.  They didn’t know about our 25% discounts when they awarded Samsung that accreditation.  Should they have said FANTASTIC instead?

So don’t look for an intercom wired solution, get an OfficeServ from TelephoneSystemsDirect.  It’ll do all you want of an intercom wired device plus a lot more.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors to discuss alternatives to an intercom wired.

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