internet phone systems

The OfficeServ7030 internet phone systems are GOOD VALUE according to “What to Buy for Business” magazine.  They are ideal internet phone systems for start-up or very small businesses.   internet_phone_systems.pdf

internet_phone_systemsThe larger OfficeServ7100, OfficeServ7200 and HQ capacity OfficeServ7400 internet phone systems can be completely configured for IP working, or can be set up in a hybrid scenario. 

Choosing the correct bandwidth for internet phone systems needs a bit of careful thought.  Some people believe that they can get away with VoIP over their existing broadband circuit – possibly.  It really depends on the number of simultaneous calls you expect to hold and the utilisation of the circuits for internet browsing.

As SIP internet phone systems become more common, then all multi-media deliveries will be trough this type of trunk, but at TelephoneSystemsDirect we think it’s a couple of years before you should make this commitment. All the OfficeServ7000 series have this capability for when the time is ripe and commercial pressures drive the calling costs and line rentals in its favour.

You’ll demand the quality of conversations that you receive with ISDN.  Again that’s not guaranteed.  It’s all to do with QOS.  Ring us on 0800 652 8052 where an advisor will tell you all about the pros and cons of internet phone systems.

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