internet sip

If you’re considering internet sip we urge you to be careful.  The intention of internet sip is to provide a quality multi-media delivery service to your home or your business.

internet_sipUntil the whole internet has been upgraded to guarantee prioritisation of voice traffic over the general plethora of internet browsing data, it is highly likely that your important conversation with your potential customer will be affected by broken speech.  As such we don’t think that internet sip is the correct choice for our clients at the moment.  But (just to hedge our bets) if you are located in one of the major cities, then the likelihood of poor internet sip is lessened.

When BT have completed their 21CN project – they are spending millions on it – then the time will be right for you to seriously investigate internet sip.  The rates being charged then will be competitively set to encourage a higher uptake than is happening as this article is being penned.

All our OfficeServ7000 products are internet sip ready so you can purchase them without fear of wasting your well earned pounds.  They are a good investment for when internet sip is fully fledged.  Ring us on 0800 652 8052 to learn more about internet sip.  internet_sip.pdf

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